Sidney Goodman: Polaroids

In general, this is Goodman’s strategy. He will often take a photograph of something that is happening near him, when a chance pose, gesture, or grouping becomes suggestive in a way that excites his imagination. “Sometimes I really intervene,” he says. When my children were small I’d see them playing, and theyd do something that I thought was interesting and I’d say ‘Stop! Wait!’ and I’d run and get my camera. I always kept this Polaroid around. Then I’d make them do it again. Then I’m orchestrating, adjusting, intervening.” Clearly the artist is interested in moments when occurrences in daily life give rise to visual images that are suggestive of deeper meanings. Such was the case with Boy Holding Batman. “That was also my son,” says Goodman. “He was playing with this toy figure, leaning over a chair, and I just had to photograph it.”
– John A. Parks. Veteran Figurative Artist Sidney Goodman Builds Potent Images From The Stuff Of Daily Life